About Me

Love . Laughter . Light

Infectious smile,


lover of people,

my 7 kids,

cupcakes, and anything  BLUSH

Joanna Lemus

So, who is Joanna anyways?   
Isn't it fun to sum another person in just a few words? 
If you were to ask a handful of people about her,  
here is what you would hear....


She has a great sense of humor and if she 
could earn a quarter for every pun, she would be rich!  

Joanna LOVES THE COLOR BLUSH, nearly any shade of it

and cupcakes  will put her into a trance!

"Streamers" is her middle name as  she will 
throw about 20  surprise parties a year for her bestie!

Her husband Sam, of nearly 20 years, 
is her greatest fan! She has 7 of the most darling and 
well behaved kids alive, therefore, she claims that  
"like Lays Potato Chips", you can't just have one!
She was voted prettiest green eyes  in  high school

along with best smile, which she tries to use all day long.

Keeping  a good attitude is her practice.  

You won't find her sitting much as she is very driven by her daily tasks.

 Her goal is to be that Proverbs 31 woman.

She has been found  bustling  brides dresses, sewing on a popped button  or tying a grooms bow tie with a Youtube tutorial in the middle of a wedding day.

She is the girl you want around in a sticky situation when a boutonnière falls off and is stepped on! Basically, she loves people and is passionate about capturing  moments with  her lens! 


I am thankful that you have stopped by my site and I am hoping to be the one that you will select to be on your wedding team! 


Meet the 8

Yup...that's me with my hubby Sam and 7 yummy kiddos. " YES...7" & no twins and they were each naturally born on their due date.  I do not have pets...just kids! Besides taking pictures, having babies is my hidden talent! ...or at  least it used to be...


What's even more impressive is that they're ALL cute!!  Amongst us we have artists, poets, photographers, wrestlers, Youtubers, makeup artists, lab techs, origami pros, mermaids, a former Marine, an  Air Force Cadet, a tiger and of course a CUPCAKE LOVER...that would be ME!!!


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Los Gatos, Ca. 95032



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