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There is no moment sweeter than being on your Honeymoon and pushing play to watch a "sneak peek" of your cherished wedding day! Possibly you want a "Save the date" video to send out to your friends instead of invitations.  Better yet, you  would like to have an online wedding album to share with your guests or out of state friends. Truth, the only ones that have a chance to visit your living room coffee table will get to see your wedding or engagement albums...until now!

Thanks for making us cry on our honeymoon..... as we started looking at your video they started singing American Pie at Cheeseburger In Paradise. So we stopped to have a drink and watch it over and over. The photos are so stunning!!!!

Michael & Trish Ducote

True story:  American Pie was the song they selected to play at their reception that every guest sang along with at their top of their lungs! Now in Hawaii, the song plays again at the exact moment they hit "play"...LOL! Talk about timing!!


 Sneak Peek

 The Date







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