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Thank you for entering!

If you are one of our qualifiers, you will receive an email soon about next steps.

Below is a little more information about the giveaway and about me. 

Feel free to explore my website while you're here.

Congratulations on your engagement!

This offer is only for happy couples that are madly in love that would like to get some epic Engagement Photos. I understand how risky it can be to hire a photographer for your BIG DAY as you may not like your images or we may not be a perfect fit! SO, this is a risk free opportunity for you to see if

If you are selected as a finalist, you will receive an email.
We will need to schedule your session within 30 days of you being announced as my winner!! 

This unique engagement session experience is completely FREE!! We will even throw in a
FREE DOWNLOAD from the shoot. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you would like, but there is no obligation. 


Hi, I am Joanna

So why select Me for your pictures! 

It could be my 1-3 day turn around, my smile or warmth, my passion to see happy clients, my affordable pricing, the fact that you can meet someone that has birthed 7 KIDS or even my fixation for the color BLUSH but...

I also think my creative approach, coupled with the look of my natural light photography, has helped me develop a recognizable style.

I am an artist first, and am constantly evaluating light, composition and nuances of gestures as I look through my lens. I want my images to have balance and feel real with a hint of curated artistry. 

Call me today &  

Let's Dream Together!

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