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Such a beautiful time of year it is! I LOVE the colors of Fall!! I grew up in Los Gatos, Ca in the best neighborhood ever, where the fall trees lined the streets with such splendor. I moved many years back to the Central Valley and I find that same type of fall feeling here too. This season particularly, I find myself torn to take down my fall decorations, even though my beautifully lit noble fir stands erect in the corner. I have to say, I have never had a year where my Christmas and Thanksgiving storage bins are both open all at the same time. The trees are such amazing colors outside and I am surrounded by beauty. With all my yummy kids all cuddled up with me like little puppies in the evening, I guess I can say that it is beautiful inside too!! This Central Valley is truly amazing for so many reasons. We not only have open spaces, abundant wine, affordable “almost” everything, but we also have backdrop for amazing wedding venues! I have discovered within the last few years yet one more great reason to celebrate where I live…It is called Pageo Lavender Farms!! It is located in Turlock, CA. Every Central Valley bride should know about this little gem!! It is the “go to venue for all things wonderful!” Their staff is so friendly and accommodating, their grounds stellar, the trees are lined with little white lights at dark. They have an old car that makes such a great prop for pics and not to mention a vintage fire truck! Even their prices are affordable! Basically, you cannot go wrong if you select this venue for your dream wedding!! As a wedding photographer, I get excited when everything good is found all at one stop!! Thank you Pageo for being such a great wedding venue here in the Central Valley!!

Happy Holidays to each of you! I truly wish for you to have your deepest wishes come true this Holiday Season and in the New Year of 2017!

Joanna Lemus

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