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Ketu + Reena's Wedding at Castillos & Guglielmo Winery

I LOVE unique weddings...A day that takes my lens by surprise!! I just bought my new DREAM LENS 85MM 1.4, with NANO CRYSTAL COAT, if I may add, and so her and I were ONE during the whole day!! She is my new buddy as she makes me look good..HA! I will come up with a name for her soon and I will keep you posted. LOL! Together, we saw so many vibrant colors, sparkly jewels on the forehead, neck and wrists. Seing them smile through the smoky haze, bubbles and tossed rose was just a beautiful day on every level. The images take me back to their moments of happiness. Ketu, you were so sweet with Reena. You are both blessed to have connected. May I add, we were also blessed by your extra yummy desserts offered to us by your father...thank you for the experience of being part of your vows and I will send you my mailing address for more of those yummy desserts...SMILE!

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