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The Luck of the Irish

Could I be any more LUCKY than to have found the cutest couple ever to usher in my wedding season of 2018?? For real!! Their chemistry, kindness and sweet aura is more than I could ask for! To make it even better...I got to shot their engagement session TODAY on St Patricks Day! YASS! Lucky for us, we also had great weather on a day that was supposed to have rained. I will be smiling many times over in the days to come when I think back on today!! Watch out Instagram, some wonderful images are coming your way!!! Cheers to April 7, 2018 my beautiful bride... Gina... and my handsome groom to be...Chris! Not to mention, Chris could have been holding the camera today and doing my job as the photographer! The difference between our work...He captures amazing images of animals with his lens, and I capture lovers! He is very talented. Check out his work at LOL!

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