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A San Francisco Baby

One of the blessings of being a wedding photographer is that I was there to witness when the vows were made, and the "Mr & Mrs" journey begins. Often within a few short months or years, you get to see the belly bump images start to appear on Instagram. My brides then call me with the GREAT news that they are HAVING A BABY!! SOO exciting! Steph & Max are of those fortunate ones that get to welcome a baby GIRL Madelyn Rose into the world...My lens was honored to capture her beautiful face and her cute little toes....Yes, and I also get to smoother her in pink blankets and flower headbands...I SERIOUSLY CANT get enough!! STOP!

Real cool also when the new little one gets to be born in San Francisco....the city that her parents are from AND as well MY parents too. My mom and dad grew up in this great city! What an altogether amazing day...LOVE these pics and I am thankful that they selected me and my cute daughter Maddie Rose for the job (which BTW...Steph and Max call their little angel Maddie Rose too...LOVE!!)

XO Joanna

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