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Mothers Day Is Upon Us...

Have you ever seen the cutest mommy bump and just wished to be pregnant for the first time OR all over again? Or are you of those that can just simply hear another's babies cry and your own mommy chest begins to tighten as if it is time to nurse? Well, being a mommy of 7 pumpkins, I have experienced it ALL! Being a mother has been of the HIGHEST honor that God has ever gifted my body with!! Loved, loved, holding each one in my internal jewelery box. I am truly done having babies BUT, I will say that when I get the opportunity to take a pretty prego out into the fields to frolic and glamourize "The Bump" I can certainlly remeber ALL the joys of having babies! For me, it was not a hard process. Every baby born on their due date, ALL healthy, NO morning sickness, NOT even like once... MY BODY WAS MADE FOR HAVING BABIES! YUP, the last day was a bit of what felt like "near death" misery...BUT, we made it through ALL 7 TIMES!!!!!!! (7 exclamation points)

Now, I just get the pleasure of watching my little plants grow! Sometimes, they flourish, sometimes they dry up a bit. But, the love in our home keeps them watered and well maintenanced. I just LOVE BEING A MOM! I love my ducks!

So, Mothers Day is coming up in about 1 month! In the next few weeks my youngest kiddos will be creating class projects to bring home to me that will no doubt be covering my fridge...little reminders that I AM LOVED! My older ones will be heading out to the floral dept to bring home a bundle of flowers for me I am sure! My oldest daughter will enevidably buy me something BLUSH in color, if I know her?! My husband is pretty good about making sure that MOM is not forgotten about on this special day of the year! As a photographer, I personallly cannot think of any other very special way to give mom love that sweet pictures of her children and family together!! If you are looking for an amazing way to bless mom this Mothers Day, I would love to take you and your family out for some time behind my lens!! I am also offering Gift Certificates too if you are interested ...My dates are filling up soooo MESSAGE ME!

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