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Say "YES" To The Dress & The First Look!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in White (or Blush or Beige...LOL) Yes, there are still wonderful traditions that exist among our beautiful bride and grooms such as garter toss, something borrowed or blue and even, having all matching bridesmaids! But, there is a tradition that is being broken, more and more often, and it is one that all benefit from...HAVING A FIRST LOOK PRIOR TO CEREMONY!! If you are wondering if it is a good idea or not, we will always advise with a resounding ABSOLUTELY! And for several really great reasons that we will share with you...


First off, look at these amazing first moments from this darling couple. Look into their eyes and tell me if you think they had any regrets!? You will see them deep into each other and the teary emotion of the first gaze. No crowds, No microphones, No pressure, Just simply embracing that the day has finally arrived...Get lost in the moment, ITS YOURS!


Because these moments are pre-arranged, we are able to select the location that will have the best romantic feel, backdrop and LIGHT!! (which is the magic in any picture) With 2 shooter, we are able to cover all angles and teary eyes. In doing this, we freeze these cherished memories in time. We give them back to you as a gift for you to hold dear forever!!


Let the feelings come out. Tell her how beautiful she is. Slow dance. Spin her. Rest your head deep into his heart. Take the time you need, there is no interruption of ceremony flow. This is your time! No crowds or embarrassment. It is just you and her and of course...our little clicks...LOL!


Having a first look takes such a pressure off the day. This opens up many more romantic picture opportunities as we get 1-2 extra sessions that we would not normally get following the ceremony due o sunset times. Often we are rushing against the sunlight to get done all of our special bride and groom moments as the new "Mr & Mrs", not to mention the full bridal party together and all family formals. Having a first look opens up the schedule for so many more fantastic well lit picture moments for everyone!

Yes, our mission is to please the Mr & Mrs, and if you are a "diehard NO first looker", then we are certainly in your corner too! We always make it work! We just love the opportunity to convert those on the fence as often as well can because we feel, by experience, that you will be so much happier with the final results!

To FIRST LOOK or NOT TO FIRST LOOK...this is the question??

es, we can always

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