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The Blushing Orchards of the Central Valley

So some would ask me what my dream home would look like or where it would be located. My mind draws a blank. But, one thing I know, my dream home would have these blushing trees. Ohh, to drive past these dreamy tree fields and not stop and just disappear deep into them...At this time of year, I am surrounded by these little patches of heaven all around me here in the Central Valley. I am originally from Los Gatos, California, on a little magical street with an elusive home that I often visit in my dreams or park in front of to gaze at. But, when I see these pink trees blooming here in the Valley, my heart automatically makes this new land my home. Me, my clients, my camera...we all want to stay and play in those fields forever...

Blooms are dropping, call me today to to schedule a play date!

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