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When the "Little Bird" Lands in San Francisco

A "little bird" called me one day asking if I would be available on her wedding date. I was delighted to meet her and as well very happy that my calendar was open. After "connecting", we both knew that we would be the perfect team! We planned a little romantic picture day in the city. Several hours of frolicking in the wind, sipping from hot chocolate mugs and capturing every angle of love that we possibly could with Ryan...her soon to be!

The "goal" was sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge. She was flying in for pictures from her current home in New York. Her love, nestled deep in the heart of San Francisco. A long distance relationship. With her living thousands of miles apart, these images I will give her, will have the ability to make her smile very big and also tear very deeply. She will see the love they have for each other. She will see it in his eyes. He will see it in hers. They will know...

While at that bridge, A "little bird" landed to witness the love they had for each other. May that little bird be a reminder to Ryan every day that his love will soon land in San Francisco too, just like that "little bird" did. And at that point, he will not have to let her go...

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