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I Love It When A Good Plan Comes Together

As wedding professionals, we all want to be a part of that amazing "A TEAM" !! The event where all the DETAILS come together just right! The perfect weather with slight shade clouds and sun peeking through, little wind, all the makeup done a few minutes ahead of schedule, every lady loves the placement of each strand of hair, colorful sunset, the flowers arriving more perfect than imagined, the custom tailoring fitting every member of the bridal party, every Pinterest idea in place, no one in the bridal party drinks a little too much, receptions tables are more fabulous than the brides request, the photographer arrives to find that all the bridesmaid dresses are BLUSH!! Oh my, who could ask for more?! It is the fabulous "A Team" that I love to be a part of. This blog is dedicated to my A TEAM buddies who worked so hard to create the perfect day for Shannon & Chris. Our teamwork really paid off! May this day be remembered forever.




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