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A Half Moon Bay Engagement Session

If I could title this blog post correctly, it would be like:

The CUTEST Couple To Ever Have Their Engagement Session in Half Moon Bay, ....Or

Thee Most Memorable Engagement Session Ever Near the Beach... OR even

The Engagement Session That I will Never Forget...

Truly, when I speak to Jilly or Chris, I get a real big smile. When I see them on Social media, I hit like!

When I see that she is going to have a baby soon, I'm like, "I want to take a knitting class just to learn

how to knit them a blanket!"

I go back to this amazing Half Moon Bay photo session, and I remember that this is where it all began

with us. Now, a few more weddings from this beautiful family under my belt and even a few babies

have come it good and I am so glad that we have these images to cherish.

We both look at them and smile! Soon and very soon, my lens will sneak a few snaps of her babies newborn

face, fingers and toes...can't wait!!

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