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Ernesto & Yessenia at Knights Ferry

So we met thru Instagram and the rest is history! Yessenia & Ernesto #cutestcoupleever have a wedding coming up in only short 5 months from now! We met up at Starbucks for coffee and have shared many laughs and texts ever since that day! She even brought me my own personal 7Up for our engagement she had heard through the grapevine that this is my preferred drink of choice while I work!

I loved seeing you and Ernesto weaving your love blanket yesterday during our shoot. I can tell that the knots that you are endeavoring to tie will be ones that will last the test of time. No, you did not bring yarn or knitting needles, BUT, you brought your sweetness and love for eachother and it covered you just like a cozy blanket. Cover yourselves in continued joy and happiness...I am smiling for you both! See ya soon!



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